Monday, 23 April 2007

Leighton Buzzard Railway - site visit August 2006

A few shots from the Leighton Buzzard Railway taken in August 2006.

This is a retrospective site visit so if I get something wrong blame my memory!

This was fairly easy to find and the station at Pages Park had a nice Colonel Stephens' atmosphere and surprisingly good facilities. The catering area is large with a good range of food reasonably priced.

The trip is unusual, starting alongside the very pleasant Pages Park, then going through the backs of houses and factories over a few ungated crossings before the scenery opens out a little amongst modern housing before the line swings in a large curve and then runs alongside a road (though separated from it by a low hedge). The destination station at Stonehenge is small but well-appointed with a nice shop and interesting free industrial railway museum.

The locos and carriage stock are interesting and the trains seem well-patronised. All in all a delightful and unique little line that deserves to be seen!
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